Classic 28 day African hunting safari

Classic 28 day African hunting safari with Hunting in Africa Safaris

Robert Ruark was not the first African big game hunter from overseas to hunt dangerous game in Africa. What set him apart from everybody else was his ability to put words to writing to the extent that the reader could smell the wood smoke, taste the Cape buffalo stew and see the southern cross with the naked eye 10 000 miles away from the bushveld.

The abilities of his PH, Harry Selby, became legendary over time and he is still recognized as one of the all-time great white hunters of the African continent.

African hunting safaris in those days were much longer than they are today and with this hunt we are trying to recreate to a certain extent what Ruark and Selby experienced in those days. Of course our vehicles and air-conditioning systems are much better than during those days and we certainly prefer it that way.

Within the limitations of human encroachment we will strive to offer as an authentic African hunting experience as possible. Hunting elephant in Zimbabwe is on the menu as is leopard hunting. Cape buffalo can be hunted in Zimbabwe or South Africa. A lion tag is easier to come by in South Africa and a true walk-and-stalk hunt can be promised. The other trophies in this hunt are available on either side of the Limpopo and should be taken as they present themselves.

We look forward to having you on this epic hunt with us. Smell the wood smoke? Join us for a taste of the Cape buffalo stew.

On this hunt we will be hunting dangerous game for which you will need a minimum 375 caliber rifle. This hunt is usually scheduled between South Africa and Zimbabwe and specifically excludes all airfares and or chartered flights. A close approximation can be given for charter flights which you are welcome to pay direct. If more economical commercial flights are available you will be advised to the effect and your travel agent can book the flights direct.

The hunter must be physically fit to participate in this hunt as a lot of walking is expected and hunting days can exceed 16 hours on a regular basis. Join us on our Classic 28 African hunting safari experience in the old style with modern air conditioning and hot showers.

For clarification purposes, the following is included in your Classic 28 day African hunting safari

Trophy fee included for 1 Sable
Trophy fee included for 1 Lion – South Africa
Trophy fee included for 1 Cape buffalo
Trophy fee included for 1 Leopard
Trophy fee included for 1 Elephant – South Africa or Zimbabwe
Daily rates for 28 hunting and traveling days – excludes flights
You are permitted to harvest animals outside of and additional to the package
Plains game available as per region at the relevant prices
Cost of the Classic 28 Day African hunting safari Price on request
This is a 1 X 1 hunt only


If you decide to add a legally hunted rhino on the same hunt to complete your Big 5 quest, why not consider green hunting a rhino?


Depending on your time of arrival we may suggest spending the night in the city of arrival. This is to minimize the risk associated with night driving and the threat domestic- and wild animals pose on the road. There is a minimum charge of $ 250-00 involved (2014 and 2015) for the first night which includes accommodation, dinner on arrival and breakfast the following morning.


What is included and what is excluded from your Classic 28 day African hunting safari 

Included Excluded
Services of a suitably qualified Professional Hunter for the duration of the hunting safari Medical, personal and property insurance
Accommodation International flights, domestic flights
Laundry on a daily basis Charter flights – if required
All meals while on safari Items of a personal nature
Drinks – all bottled water and soft drinksAlcoholic beverages – locally available wine, beer and spirits in moderation Trophy fees of animals harvested outside of and additional to the original safari hunting package
All land transport – from the moment we collect you at the airport till we drop you off at the airport upon completion of your hunt All taxidermy work and taxidermy associated expenses and shipping cost
Trophy fees of the animals specified in the hunting safari package Gratuities
Services of a skinner and tracker for the duration of the hunting safari Cost of accommodation on the day of arrival if we cannot drive to the hunting lodge due to time restraints
Field preparation of your trophies and delivery of the trophies to our preferred taxidermist