Cape buffalo hunting packages

Cape buffalo hunting packages in South Africa with Hunting in Africa Safaris

Our Cape buffalo hunting packages include all your hunting associated cost: from the hunting lodges and hunting camps in all the areas we hunt in, to surface travel, accommodation, laundry and drinks. You will find our Cape buffalo hunting prices to be fair and within reason, allowing you the opportunity to hunt the most dangerous member of the African Big 5. Simultaneously your hunt will allow us to be employed, thank you!

We have affordable Cape buffalo hunting safari packages because we have built a reputable name in the South African professional hunting industry by paying our bills and supporting those who support us. Building and maintaining business relationships with first class reviews ensure Hunting in Africa Safaris receive preferential prices and treatment from our suppliers.


Minimum legal caliber for hunting Cape buffalo

Most African countries require a minimum 375 caliber to hunt Cape buffalo. Cape buffalo hunting packages in Zimbabwe require a minimum caliber of 375, OR 9.3 mm producing minimum energy of 5 300 Joule or 3 906 ft-lbs.

Hunting Cape buffalo is a dangerous game hunt and according to most African hunting laws the minimum required caliber to hunt Cape buffalo with is a 375. No matter what legal caliber you decide to hunt with, you should comply with the following two rules:

  • you must be able to shoot your rifle accurately up to 50 yards from several different positions (sitting, standing, off shooting-sticks, off a back-pack or from a tree branch) PRIOR to starting your African Cape buffalo hunt.
  • you must only use the best premium grade ammunition your rifle will shoot accurately for hunting Cape buffalo purposes


The following is included in our Cape buffalo hunting packages South Africa

Trophy fee for 1 Cape buffalo bull
Hunting days 5
Cost of our Cape buffalo hunting packages     US$ 13 450-00
Observer cost – 5 days all inclusive US$ 1 250-00

You may harvest animals outside the package deal.


Shot placement when rifle hunting Cape buffalo in Africa in South Africa

Robert Ruark aptly described the African Cape buffalo as follows in his book Horn of the Hunter:

“But that buff is so big and mean and ugly and hard to stop, and vindictive and cruel and surly and ornery. He looks like he hates you personally. He looks like you owe him money. He looks like he is hunting you.”

Remember to ask us why a shot from the left side will have a better effect than a shot from the right side of the Cape buffalo.

This hunt may take place in a malaria region. Please consult with your local doctor prior to coming on this hunt.


What is included and what is excluded from your African safari hunting package
Included Excluded
Services of a suitably qualified Professional Hunter for the duration of the hunting safari Medical, personal and property insurance
Accommodation International flights
Laundry on a daily basis Charter flights – if required
All meals while on safari Items of a personal nature
Drinks – all bottled water and soft drinksAlcoholic beverages – locally available wine, beer and spirits in moderation Trophy fees of animals harvested outside of and additional to the original safari hunting package
All land transport – from the moment we collect you at the airport till we drop you off at the airport upon completion of your hunt All taxidermy work and taxidermy associated expenses and shipping cost
Trophy fees of the animals specified in the hunting safari package Gratuities
Services of a skinner and tracker for the duration of the hunting safari Cost of accommodation on the day of arrival if we cannot drive to the hunting lodge due to time restraints
Field preparation of your trophies and delivery of the trophies to our preferred taxidermist