First Timer

First Timer African hunting package with Hunting in Africa Safaris

The First-Timer African hunting package is designed for the hunter who has not been on an African hunting safari yet. This Africa hunting trip is for the hunter who has limited hunting time and would like to hunt African plains game species that are normally associated with hunting in South Africa.

Another reason for hunting this particular package is the steady and easy pace at which hunting is conducted. This allows you to bring a wife, father or partner along to enjoy the African outdoors with you. We have no problem with a family member joining us even on stalks.

First Timer African hunting packages
Trophy fee included for 1 Blue wildebeest
Trophy fee included for 1 Impala
Trophy fee included for 1 Warthog
Trophy fee included for 1 Steenbok
Daily rates included for 7 hunting days                                  
Cost of this hunting package: 1 X 1 (one-on-one)    $ 4 650-00 per hunter
Cost of this hunting package: 2 X 1 (two-on-one) $ 4 150-00 per hunter
Observers daily rates for the duration of the hunt $ 900-00 per observer
You are permitted to hunt additional animals outside the original hunting package.


Depending on your time of arrival we may suggest spending the night in the city of arrival. This is to minimize the risk associated with night driving and the threat domestic- and wild animals pose on the road. There is a minimum charge of $ 150-00 per person involved (2014) for the first night’s accommodation which includes dinner on arrival and breakfast the following morning.


First Timer hunting packages