Father and Son

Father and Son hunting Africa with Hunting in Africa Safaris

For most Father and Son hunters hunting Africa is a dream that needs to be realized. The Father and Son Hunting in Africa Safaris hunting package was designed for you to share your ambition of bonding trips with the Old Man, or making sure the Young Guy still has his roots firmly embedded in the hunting tradition. Bring your hunting buddy and hunt Africa for the first, or second, or third time as a hunting team. Come Hunting in Africa with us! Let us do your Father and Son hunting quotes to ensure you have an unbeatable deal in getting the two of you closer yet on one of the best father and son bonding trips in South Africa.

This is a great father son adventure trip where you get to spend a lot of quality time together, involved in activities that both of you so like to do.

Come join us on the hunt of a lifetime and if you have any other bonding ideas please let us know how we can incorporate them in your father son African hunting safari package.

For clarification purposes, the following is included in your Father Son Africa hunting package

Father and son hunting Africa package

Trophy fee included for 1 Kudu
Trophy fee included for 1 Gemsbok**
Trophy fee included for 2 Impala
Trophy fee included for 2 Warthog
Daily rates included for both 7 hunting days
** You may exchange the gemsbok for a zebra
You are permitted to hunt animals additional to the original package
Cost of the Father and Son hunting in Africa package $ 7 850-00
Observers for the duration of the hunt, per observer $    900-00


Depending on your time of arrival we may suggest spending the night in the city of arrival. This is to minimise the risk associated with night driving and the threat domestic- and wild animals pose on the road. There is a minimum charge of $ 150-00 involved (2014) for the first night which includes dinner on arrival and breakfast the following morning.

Father and son hunting packagesFather and son hunting packages







Father and son hunting packagesFather and son hunting packages