Cape buffalo cow hunting package

Cape buffalo Cow hunting package with Hunting in Africa Safaris

Hunting Cape buffalo cow is by no means any different to hunting a Cape buffalo. On the contrary, with young calves in a herd both hunter and Professional Hunter need to be alert. This is a guided hunt for African dangerous game and according to law the Professional Hunter needs a dangerous game hunting license.

Commonly referred to as one of the bitches of the bushveld (we tend to call them bad ladies in public) they tend to act according to their nicknames. Known to have charged many a hunter unprovoked a hunter must have enough gun to stop a Cape buffalo charge, even if a cow is hunted. Cape buffalo cows are equally as dangerous as Cape buffalo bulls.

Hunting in Africa Safaris offer affordable Cape buffalo cow hunting packages that will enhance the feeling of being in danger while we ensure your and our safety. The Cape buffalo cow hunting prices are what you see. We do not charge you more because we take you to the best place to hunt Cape buffalo. We merely charge you the cost of the Cape buffalo hunting safari as advertised. Once you are picked up at the airport we will take care of you till we drop you off again at the end of your African Cape buffalo hunting safari.

Minimum caliber for Cape buffalo – it is law to use a minimum 375 caliber when hunting Cape buffalo. The best caliber for Cape buffalo would be the largest caliber bigger than 375 you feel comfortable handling. We suggest any 400 caliber and bigger.

For clarification purposes, the following is included in your Cape buffalo Cow hunting package deal: (South Africa)

Trophy fee for 1 Cape buffalo cow
Hunting days 5
1 X 1 US$ 5 490-00
You are permitted to hunt animals outside the original package.
Observers $ 1 150-00


This hunt takes place in a malaria region. Please consult with your local doctor prior to coming on this hunt.

Depending on your time of arrival we may suggest spending the night in the city of arrival. This is to minimize the risk associated with night driving and the threat domestic- and wild animals pose on the road. There is a minimum charge of $ 150-00 involved (2014 and $ 180 for 2015) for the first night which includes dinner on arrival and breakfast the following morning.

Shot placement when rifle hunting a Cape buffalo cow

View the Cape buffalo cow hunting video clip in the videos section


What is included and what is excluded from your African safari hunting package

Included Excluded
Services of a suitably qualified Professional Hunter for the duration of the hunting safari Medical, personal and property insurance
Accommodation International flights
Laundry on a daily basis Charter flights – if required
All meals while on safari Items of a personal nature
Drinks – all bottled water and soft drinksAlcoholic beverages – locally available wine, beer and spirits in moderation Trophy fees of animals harvested outside of and additional to the original safari hunting package
All land transport – from the moment we collect you at the airport till we drop you off at the airport upon completion of your hunt All taxidermy work and taxidermy associated expenses and shipping cost
Trophy fees of the animals specified in the hunting safari package Gratuities
Services of a skinner and tracker for the duration of the hunting safari Cost of accommodation on the day of arrival if we cannot drive to the hunting lodge due to time restraints
Field preparation of your trophies and delivery of the trophies to our preferred taxidermist